Multiversal principles

There are in the world some principles that are universally accepted: human rights, not killing innocents, a good portion of the Ginevra convention are just examples.

If you live your life according to such a principle and neither you nor anyone around you ever challenges that principle, you will likely end up thinking that your principle is actually a universal principle, an objectively just principle that must never be challenged.

Social Media creates many basins of like-minded users, by feeding us more of what we like, and therefore shielding us from any line of thought that diverges from our own, effectively creating Multiple Universal Principles.

I’ll invite you to test this yourself… for example when a few days back I wrote an article on feminism, after twitting about it, my feed was flooded with stories related with feminism… then the day after I posted a tweet using the hashtag #MentalHealthAwareness, and sure enough, I was then recommended posts about mental health, and even recommended some sites where to get help in case I needed it.

No social media was ever designed to make us less open minded, this is not a convoluted conspiracy theory: this is just a repeatable Bug in the system.

We should treat it as such, and demand a fix: fighting for what we believe in, is one of the beautiful traits that makes us humans. We cannot change that, and if we could, we shouldn’t. We should however change the bugs in our tools!

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