The train and the truck

Yesterday an awful tragedy happened.

84 people died (count updated at the time of writing) in a terrorist attack, where a truck rallied for 2km through a crowd celebrating the French Bastille day, in Nice.

3 days ago, on July 12, an awful tragedy happened.

27 people died in a train accident, where two trains collided head-on in Puglia, Italy.

Did you know about the train tragedy? Probably not.

Mandatory Happiness

A quick chat with friends, and a couple of overheard conversations sparkled it all.

The chat was about how no one wants to be dragged into the downward vortex of negativity, we all heard it hundreds of times, I have been actively portraying the idea for like 20 years now, and yet, hearing it back chewed and served as a mainstreamized concept, scared me, for the first time in 20 years.

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